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If you are interested in visiting the Little Cayman Research Centre, you can contact us by filling in this form and we will get back to you straight away. The facility is open year-round and can facilitate a number of groups at one time. If you are a scientist looking for the perfect field station located on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, we can help you! We also have courses for universities and schools as well as host education programmes, workshops, seminars and camps. If you know your booking requirements please click here.


The Little Cayman Research Centre (LCRC) may be booked for research by groups or institutions, or by individual researchers and scientists as follows:

1) Fill out required forms and waivers

Project Booking Procedure & Form: 
(a) Booking Procedure

(b) Project Information And Booking Form (PDF)

Individual Project Team Member Waivers:
(a) Combined Waiver (PDF) - All LCRC Visitors
(b) Emergency Information and Medical Statement (PDF) - All LCRC Visitors
(c) Safe Standard Diving Practices (PDF) - Divers Only

You may print and mail the documents or scan and email them to us according to the instructions in the form. Please also send us your estimated payment with your mailed application and provide us with any special dietary requirements you may have.

2) Acceptance Notificiation
We will notify you via email about the acceptance of your booking. At this time, please send us a check for any outstanding balance.

3) Acquire Insurance and make travel arrangements
Acquire insurance and make your travel arrangements to Little Cayman:

(a) DAN Insurance - All divers must have DAN insurance. We recommend the Preferred plan for international divers. Cayman Islands residents, however, cannot obtain the Preferred plan so we recommend they obtain the Master plan instead.
(b) Cayman Airways - Many U.S. and international carriers fly to Grand Cayman while Cayman Airways operates several short-hop flights between Grand Cayman and Little Cayman daily.
(c) FAQs - See our FAQs for frequently asked questions and further travel information.