Job Announcement

Dive Master / Maintenance Coordinator

Responsible for all station maintenance and repairs as well as being involved with any future improvements and upgrades. You will work alongside our current Maintenance manager and will report to him on day to day tasks. A solid knowledge of building and handyman skills are required. You will also be responsible for the day to day and monthly maintenance on all company vehicles and boats. You will also captain all boats when required as well as assist or lead on dive trips conducted within the station. Filling dive tanks and compressor maintenance is also required along with any other projects deemed necessary for this position. You would be expected to be able to perform field level repairs to our various outboard engines and vehicles as well.  



Dive Master / Instructor

  • Lead dives conducted by the station for external groups.
  • Give dive briefings and ensure that all safe diving practices are adhered to on all dives.
  • Assist any instructors with controlling groups where and when necessary.
  • Proficient with the administration of oxygen and other first aid techniques in the advent of any diving or boat related injuries.
  • Plan dives and depths based on the lowest level of qualification within the group and ensure that no one (unless specifically trained and have filled in additional waivers) exceeds their No Decompression Limits.
  • Responsible for the safe return of all divers under your care.
  • Responsible for calling a dive off or aborting a current dive should you feel the conditions are unsafe or that there are unreasonable treats to any one of the divers under your care.
  • Maintain all diving qualifications needed to guide or teach, renewing when required to by the training organization or local laws.


  • Captain all CCMI boats when required.
  • Ensure that all safety equipment is working and up to date
  • Ensure all boats have been maintained and cleaned and have enough fuel for your scheduled activity.
  • Report any damage to the Director of Operations
  • Abide by all safe boating rules and procedures.
  • Obtain relevant certifications when required to by local laws
  • Call off any dive / boat trips based on adverse weather conditions, or cancel any trip based on predicted adverse weather that will coincide with your planned trip.
  • Remove all boats from the water, or place on Hurricane moorings in the advent of a tropical storm or hurricane.

Maintenance Manager

  • Perform daily maintenance checks as and when required.
  • Perform monthly maintenance checks as per maintenance schedule.
  • Ensure all vehicles are in proper working order fixing any issues where necessary or sending the vehicle to a mechanic for serious issues.
  • Monitor the composting toilet system and emptying when needed.
  • Maintain the station grounds and landscaping ensuring the station is always looking at its best for visitors and guests. Assisting on any further upgrades or projects.
  • All minor station repairs.
  • All AC units and fridges to be maintained or replaced when required.
  • Assist with any minor building projects.
  • Prepare the station for tropical storms or hurricanes.


All required dive master qualifications and first aid qualifications. All boat handling and navigation qualifications as required by local laws. Engine repairs on the outboard engines as well as basic vehicle repairs. Training will be made available from time to time where you may need to attend off site courses. General handyman skills and the ability to safely operate power tools from time to time. 

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