CCMI currently have two positions advertised; (1) Copywriter and PR Coordinator, and (2) Conservation Intern.

ROLE: Copywriter and PR Coordinator (Part Time)
REPORTS TO: Field Operations Manager

Writes and/or edits all press release material before being submitted to various press agencies. Work with research and education staff to ensure that CCMI and its work in the local community is presented in a positive and informative manner. Assist with any CCMI website and blog text to ensure that it is delivering our message in the best possible format. Oversee and edit all written material that is in the public arena.


Writing Press and Media Releases:
• Write press releases highlighting any major programs, initiatives, donations or gifts that have been given to CCMI
• Develop a press release for all accepted grants. Coordinate with the research director on release dates and permissions from the grant company / person.
• Release the press release to all PR contacts including Paper, radio and TV. Some releases may need to be re-edited depending on the stipulations of the PR agency.
• Include within the releases multiple photos. These will need to be collected from the research and or education staff.
• Develop and submit magazine articles to local and international publications highlighting the research and education work conducted at the field station. Magazine database will need to be created.

Website content
• Assist with editing and writing the content for the current and planned new website for CCMI.
• Develop and Co-ordinate the CCMI Research and Education blog (currently does not exist). Frequently update with input from the research and education departments, edited for general public viewing. 

Newsletter Publication
• Publish our bi-monthly online newsletter with content gathered from both research and education departments.

Other duties
• Complete the final edits and layout for the Annual Report. This is to be completed by Jan 15th with assistance from the research and education team.

CCMI has a small team, so the ability to get involved if and when required is critical to the success of this role.


ROLE:  Conservation Intern
REPORTS TO: Assistant Director Research but shall also assist the Research Associate, Research Specialist, and Conservation Scientist with their projects.

SUMMARY:  The Conservation Intern’s primary role will be to assist with the research projects at the Little Cayman Research Centre.  This includes the collection of field and laboratory data primarily on our coral nursery, lionfish, and monitoring projects (benthic and fish monitoring, juvenile coral monitoring, Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS), ocean chemistry monitoring).  Other responsibilities include data entry and management, analysis, report writing, and assisting with the maintenance of our CREWS. All staff are required to contribute to the day-to-day activities and maintenance of an active research station including keeping the facilities and laboratories clean, inventoried, and supplied.


Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) Project
•    Assist with field data collection (habitat identifications, EDGE species scouting, water chemistry, physical and biological data)
•    Assist the Research Associate as needed
•    Manage and analyze historical and current data

Lionfish Research & Conservation Project
•    Assist with field-based data collection to measure lionfish impacts
•    Conduct lionfish dissections and complete stomach content (diet) analyses weekly
•    Manage project data and report results to the Conservation Scientist

Coral Nursery Project
•    Assist with monitoring corals in our nursery and at our outplanting and collection sites
•    Assist with conducting regional mapping and genetic sampling of Acropora spp.
•    Assist with nursery maintenance
•    Enter and archive project data as needed

Long Term Assessment and Monitoring Program
•    Conduct annual AGRRA fish and benthic surveys on SCUBA
•    Enter and archive project data and conduct preliminary analyses

Coral Reef Early Warning System (CREWS)
•    Assist with CREWS calibrations and maintenance
•    Assist the Research Specialist with data entry, archiving, and analyze data

Data Management and Analysis
•    Analyze archived datasets as required by the Assistant Director of Research
•    Create summary reports for the various research and conservation programs

Social Media and Outreach
•    Create project profiles for each research program that will be used to update the website on a quarterly basis
•    Deliver informative talks at local resorts on Little Cayman and assist with our Dollar-a-Dive campaign and retail sales
•    Manage and conduct weekly  tours of the research station to visitors
•    Assist with maintaining Publication and Visiting Scientist databases

Other Activities
•    Participate in regular cleaning and organization of the research station
•    Participate in the weekly barge deliveries and inventory
•    Participate and assist with annual fundraising events

Skills and Qualities Required:
•    Masters degree in marine science or oceanography
•    Strong scientific diving skills (Rescue Diver or higher certification level, experience with underwater photography)
•    Experience conducting field surveys on SCUBA (experience with AGRRA preferred)
•    Excellent Caribbean coral and fish species identification skills (Species level)
•    Caribbean sponge, macroalgae, and other benthic organism identification skills (Genus level)
•    Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
•    Strong written and verbal communication skills
•    Self-motivated, enthusiastic  team player
•    Ability to adapt to a frequently-changing schedule
•   Familiarity with Microsoft Office programs and basic statistics

Applications: NO phone calls please.  CCMI is an equal opportunities employer.

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