Festival of Trees

Festival of Seas Online Bidding Information

Mobile Bidding via BidPal

How does it work?

Watch this quick video created by the team at BidPal, to understand how you can bid using your mobile phone before and during the gala.


Explore the site using your phone, as that is what you’ll be using on the night. Keep in mind that new items will continue to be added as the event draws nearer, so check back! 

You can also use this site to contribute to the pledge, which is designated to support CCMI’s ongoing efforts to adapt to changing operations and opportunities because of covid. Start bidding on and watching silent auction items starting 1st November! Keep checking back as new items will be added daily until Festival of Seas!

Video and FAQs HERE

  1. Log into the bidding site to view items here.
  2. Click “BROWSE ITEMS” to see what is available. More items will be added as we get closer to the event date!
  3. To place bid, you must create an account and enter your credit card information. Please do this in advance of the event to ensure you are ready to bid on items you want!
  4. Enter your credit card information for expedited processing of any items you win in the silent auction and donations you make through the online platform. This will speed up your check out at the event!
  5. Bidding on silent auction items will conclude at 10:00pm Cayman time on 13 November 2021.
  6. Auction items will be at Festival of Seas for viewing.
  7. Anyone not in attendance at Festival of Seas who wins an item will be contacted the following week for arranging shipping/delivery. If an item needs to be shipped, the cost is to be paid by the winning bidder.
  8. The silent auction items are listed in USD. Donations are taken in USD.

Why online bidding?

When we introduced this bidding platform at Festival of Seas 2018, it was very successful for both CCMI and Festival of Seas attendees!

Guests at the Festival of Seas were able to bid on interesting items without the distraction from their enjoyment of the event. Bids can be placed while grabbing a drink at the bar, enjoying lively conversation with friends, from the dance floor, or even from abroad for those who are unable to attend in person.

You will receive a text message to the phone number you entered when you registered when you are outbid, and you can then decide to place another bid to try and win that item!

You can even set a maximum bid, where the system will bid on your behalf up to your limit. This allows you to enjoy the event without having to check your bidding status throughout the night.

How is this the same as a traditional silent auction?

Auction items will still be available for viewing at the event, so attendees can see the prints, gift baskets, and other exciting items up close and in person. Auction items run the gamut including premium wines, fine dining gift certificates, exciting adventures, beautiful prints, and much more.

Enter your credit card when you register, this will expedite your check out process at the end of the night if you win any items in the silent auction. CCMI will automatically process your payment at the close of the auction.

Please note, you must enter your credit card into the system in order to place a bid! Payments will be processed at the end of the auction, and your process to check out and receive any items won will be fast and easy!

On the night of…

CCMI volunteers will be on site to help with any questions you have. We recommend coming with your phone battery fully charged so you won’t have to miss out due to your phone battery dying! Happy bidding!