Volunteer Information and Application


Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) research station, Little Cayman

Potential Dates:

July 27 – August 6

August 26 – September 4

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Participate in night dives with the goal of photographing/videoing observations of coral nursery spawning event
  • Assist researchers and field station staff with work in the coral nursery and at the field station, as needed


  • 18 years old or older
  • Experienced diver with over 100 dives and over 10 night dives
  • Experienced underwater photographer/videographer
  • Ability to travel to Little Cayman for the dates needed
  • Have own dive gear (not including tanks)


  • Participate in monitoring coral spawning and coral nursery work
  • Flights from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman, booked by CCMI staff
  • Room and board at the CCMI Research Station


Please complete the following and submit your application to

Applications are now closed.


The Central Caribbean Marine Institute is looking for volunteer divers who have skills in night diving and videography. Last year, we recorded the very first coral spawning event at our Coral Nursery in Little Cayman. This year, we need very capable, competent divers with photography and videography skills to help record simultaneously wild and nursery spawning.


Capture the event on video and to assess how reproductive corals are in the wild versus in our nurseries. We are addressing several questions: Are nursery-reared corals capable of spawning to regenerate our reefs? How can we best configure coral nurseries to be most successful in fertilization so that the corals can regenerate in the wild? Can we improve restoration success by assisting coral spawning?

Videographers and photographers will be documenting the activity and record spawning from different perspectives.