Every year, CCMI works hard to understand our coral reefs and the role humans have in protecting and conserving these natural resources for generations to come. However, we could not do this on our own, and CCMI wants to show what an incredible network of support we have in conducting the critical research on our reefs and in educating our students and the general public alike. As they say, ‘it takes a village’. This could not be a truer statement when it comes to the work we are entrusted with in learning about and protecting our coral reefs.

To mark our 20th anniversary, we are introducing the Ocean Awards, a way in which CCMI can recognise and celebrate those who have supported and stood with us, inspired us, and provided us with the tools to carry out the important work we do in the Cayman Islands to improve our oceans’ health and positively impact our coral reefs. These awards will highlight the many contributions of various entities within our communities, all of which help CCMI realise our vision of ‘a world with vibrant oceans and healthy coral reefs.’

Ocean Award Categories

Help CCMI recognise those who are making a difference to our coral reefs and ocean health in the Cayman Islands! Submit your nominations for the following awards:

This award will recognize an individual or group who has had the most positive impact on the marine environment in our community this year. Nominees for this award must have taken a lead role in initiating a positive impact or influencing a movement to benefit our marine environment. Nominees could have also seen a significant milestone in a previously initiated movement or effort. The winner will be recognized as a leader on marine conservation issues in the Cayman Islands.

This award will recognize an outstanding individual or team that has made the most important scientific contribution to the ocean this year. Nominees for this award must have made a scientific publication or have contributed to critical scientific research this year that will be used to benefit the marine environment and contribute to marine conservation and marine health.

This award will recognize an individual or group who has done the most to drive innovation for the benefit of the health of the ocean. Nominees must have made commitments and action that will have a positive impact on the health of the ocean. This can include business or companies that have made an effort to move towards zero impact or lessen their impact on the marine environment and can include innovative technologies that will create a similar effect.

This award will recognize a tourism related entity, person, or effort that drives sustainable and responsible tourism initiatives in the Cayman Islands.

This award will recognize a rising star in the Cayman Islands community. Nominees for this award must be under the age of 25 and have participated in programs that work to preserve marine health.

This award will recognize a company in the Cayman Islands that has done the most to preserve marine health and the future of our oceans. Nominees must have either committed to work hands on to benefit the health of our ocean or made considerable contributions to the benefit of our marine environments. This can be in the form of supporting existing research and initiatives or creating their own initiatives including technology or working towards a zero-impact company.

This award will recognize a leader or group of leaders that have done the most to advance public understanding of marine conservation issues or supported initiatives that make a difference to the community. Nominees for this award must have played a leading role in bringing public awareness to marine conservation issues, including initiating activities that bring about public understanding or seen an improvement in a past implementation.

This honorary award will be given to someone who has done the most to move forward and assist coral reef conservation. (No nominations accepted.)

Ocean Awards Nomination Form
Email to info@reefresearch.org


19 April – 8 July 2018: Nominations open (submissions via email to CCMI)

8 July 2018: Nominees notified by CCMI they have been nominated

15 July 2018: Nominees must confirm acceptance in writing

15 July – 15 August 2018: Judging takes place by panel

1 – 9 September 2018: Voting open for Local Hero/People’s Choice Award

10 September 2018: Short list of nominees announced

3 November 2018: CCMI’s Annual Festival of Seas presents The Ocean Awards, in celebration of CCMIs 20th Anniversary

To view full terms and conditions, click here: Ocean Awards Terms and Conditions


For individuals and organisations interested in supporting CCMI’s ongoing work while honouring those excellent community members who are Ocean Award nominees and winners, we invite you to consider the various different sponsorship opportunities available.

Headline Sponsor: CI$20,000

Platinum Experience: CI$10,000

Gold Experience: CI$5,000

Silver Experience: CI$2,500

Commemorative Programme Sponsor: CI$7,500


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