Become a Coral Dome Champion this Giving Tuesday!

November 30, 2020

Consider supporting CCMI’s coral dome restoration project this Giving Tuesday. Beginning in 2018, CCMI has experimented with dome structures which elevate coral fragments off the reef substrate, reducing competition and creating a complex structure which is an enticing habitat for reef fish. These domes have demonstrated dramatically increased coral survival rates (80% survival after an initial 18-month period) compared to other methods. CCMI staff constructed 60 additional dome structures in the spring of 2020, which were then installed on the reef at three different sites, and two different depths at each site. In October, CCMI researchers observed 89% average survival of staghorn coral outplants on the experimental coral dome structures that were installed in the spring. Our plan is to continue expanding and experimenting with these structures over the next year to restore large sections of reef. With your support, we can help our coral reefs to become even more robust and resilient in the face of climate change. Your involvement is critical to our success. Thank you for becoming a Coral Dome Champion! Donate to this effort HERE.

Learn more about dome outplanting efforts HERE.