The Coral Fund

Support CCMI’s capital expansion plans via The Coral Fund.

Help us build a more impactful organization dedicated to marine research, education, and conservation.

What is planned and why?

Building a New Facility

Building a new accommodations facility, including additional education facilities, at a nearby site that has been donated to CCMI (circa 4,000 sq ft, a 10-minute walk from current site)

Repurposing the Current Facility

With accommodations shifted to the new location, the current space at CCMI will be redeveloped as a ‘working’ space, significantly increasing our lab, office, and study space capacity.


This expansion project will enable CCMI to increase our accommodations and our capacity to facilitate research and education groups simultaneously. In doing so, we will double our education programme, hosting students year-round, increasing from 400 students per annum to 800 students per annum. We will then also double our capacity to support research. CCMI is committed to:

– growing our local education and scholarship programmes,
– providing more international programming, including visiting researchers and education programmes
– facilitating increased collaborations, and
– supporting our growing in-house research programmes.

What does CCMI need to make this happen?

The goal over the next 2 – 3 years is to raise an additional, dedicated USD $2.9 million for The Coral Fund to facilitate the next phase of CCMI’s development as we continue to evolve as a regional leader in marine research.

Get Involved

If you are interested in a significant investment to support the coral fund, please email us kholden@reefresearch.org

If you would like to get involved in CCMI’s campaign for The Coral Fund by hosting an event, sharing ideas, and/or volunteering, please email us events@reefresearch.org

Coral Fund Updates

Last year, His Royal Highness The (now) Duke of Edinburgh, launched the Coral Fund capital campaign to support CCMI’s facilities expansion. He also broke ground on the new proposed site in Little Cayman during his visit to the Cayman Islands. Since that time, our team is pleased to share the following updates on the progress of the Coral Fund and plans to progress the build.

Fundraising Update

To date, we have raised USD $1.83 million for the capital campaign (including pledged support that will be received in 2024), with an additional USD $150K in new pledges. This brings our fundraising to the required USD $2 million we needed to undertake the new building construction.

We would like to thank Vistra, Stuarts Humphries, The Humphries Family, The Hillenbrand Family, the Ryders, the Harfords, and an Anonymous donor for their early investment in the Coral Fund.

We still need to raise an additional, US $1 million to support the project, and we will launch our community ‘Buy a Brick’ campaign in Q3 2024. Additionally, we invite our stakeholders to host their own fundraisers in support of CCMI, including Cocktails for Corals events or office dress down days. Please contact our Advancement Team for support if you would like to host an event on behalf of CCMI. We are also available to present to your company’s ESG or charitable donations committee by request.

Construction Update

CCMI is working with John Doak Architects and Renee Edwards from Maison to progress the planning aspect of the build. Sustainability is a key consideration in the planning process, and we will address all energy, water, and waste considerations to make the facility as green as possible. Our goal is to have initial concepts approved in Q2 2024.

Coral Fund Supporters


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