CI $375 per student
CI $250 per instructor

Join CCMI for our engaging three-day Marine Ecology Courses (MEC), specifically designed for primary and secondary schools throughout the Cayman Islands. For our international educational partners, we provide extended programmes that take your students even deeper into the heart of marine science. Email for more information on international school programmes.

Our team at CCMI customizes the course content, ensuring it seamlessly integrates with your curriculum while maximizing the educational value of each student’s time with us. The MEC provides students with a rich immersion into the captivating realms of tropical marine biology, ecology, and conservation, offering a window into one of the world’s most breathtaking coral reefs.

An experience at CCMI is not just about imparting knowledge; our programmes are also designed to cultivate respect for our oceans. Our goal is to inspire a transformation in students’ attitudes and behaviors towards the ocean while they enjoy the spectacular beauty of Little Cayman.

The MEC programme is packed with stimulating activities that include snorkeling, species identification, beach cleanups, field trips to the renowned National Trust Booby Pond, guided iguana tours, and even hands-on experience with lionfish dissections. Coupled with a variety of interactive classes, the MEC promises to be an educational journey that students will cherish.

For more information about the Marine Ecology Course, contact CCMI’s education team directly via email.

“CCMI was very fun and we did a lot of snorkeling and we learnt and saw really cool things. I think that every school in the Cayman Islands to do a CCMI trip because it is beneficial to our learning and very fun.” Delaney McTaaggert, Cayman Prep MEC student

“It was AMAZING! I loved the snorkeling especially the one at Cumbers. The campfire was really fun as well. The food was delicious. I didn’t want to leave. Thanks CCMI.” Sivaanaa, St-Ignatius MEC student 2023

“I believe that this programme is significant and crucial. We must keep educating our children in every way possible because they are the ones that can start from now to make the biggest positive change and impact. My time at CCMI is always enriching and inspiring. I always learn something new or am reminded of something I’d forgotten and leave with a renewed intention to do my part.” Miss Birch, Cayman Prep Chaperone on her 8th Trip to CCMI 2023

“A once in a lifetime trip to the most inspiring place on Earth.” Head of Biology, Malvern College

“The best school trip I have ever been on in 25 years of teaching.” Giles Hopkirk, Geography Teacher, Malvern College UK School

Scholarship-Winning Video Submission

Win an all-expenses paid Marine Ecology Course (MEC) for your class! The BODA Charitable Star Trust Scholarship MEC

Thanks to the BODA Charitable Star Trust, CCMI is able to award two classes or after-school clubs from government primary schools in the Cayman Islands full scholarships to attend an all-expenses-paid Marine Ecology Course (MEC) at CCMI, airfare included. Classes or clubs from years 5 and 6 are invited to apply.

Since 2017, the BODA Charitable Star Trust has supported more than 250 students and their chaperones to attend this life-changing experience. To determine which two classes are selected, CCMI requests educators complete a brief application located HERE. We have, over the years, received a range of excellent entries including persuasive letters, interactive presentations, class beach clean-ups, artwork, and much more! A winning example (posted on this page and on CCMI’s YouTube channel) from 2021 was a video in which students from West End Primary School performed a song that they composed about CCMI.

The 2023 scholarship application is now open! Educators can complete our short application form and submit to for their chance to win an MEC for their class.

CCMI also encourages applicants to complete ‘CCMI’s Eco-Warrior Challenge: Make a Change, Win an Adventure!’. Following the hottest summer on record, inspiring the next generation to combat climate change has never been more crucial. CCMI challenges all Year 5 & 6 government school classes to rise to the occasion and make a change in their schools and the wider Cayman community. Empower your students to take impactful action that aids our environment.


Winning school applications:

“The trip was amazing and my favorite part was learning how to swim. All my life I’ve been stuck on the sand, but now I can swim I couldn’t be more grateful.” Danique, Edna Moyle Primary School

“The trip was spectacular because I got to learn about different coral species. I learnt about world pollution and how to snorkel properly.” De’andre, Theoline McCoy Primary School

“Amazing experience! I wish I could stay. I’ve learned so much and it was so fun, also I can now help the environment more. This was the best 3 days of my life! I hope to come again when I’m 13 and I wanna work here when I grow up.” Charlotte, Edna Moyle Primary School

“I loved it because the way we had learned about zooxanthellae was easy to learn about and it was amazing when we went snorkeling. I will miss this place and the coral was amazing!” Elleni, West End Primary School

“The students were finally aware that they are not too young to be stewards of the environment and that they can make a difference…” Dwayne J. Greenidge, Theoline McCoy Primary School chaperone

“The program has a life-changing impact. The personal growth of each student – their confidence exploring the ocean and their increased knowledge and passion for the ocean were notable over the course of their time at CCMI”. Rachel Klein, Edna Moyle Primary School chaperone

“I enjoyed every moment at CCMI, and I loved watching our students experience and learn new things. Some of our kids flew in an airplane, snorkeled, and spent time away from their parents for the first time, and these are experiences they will remember for a lifetime.” Ashley Mclean, Theoline McCoy Primary

CCMI is proud to provides scholarship opportunities for government school groups in the Cayman Islands thanks to the generous support of our sponsor, BODA Charitable Star Trust. To sponsor amazing opportunities at CCMI, please click HERE.

Download the BODA Charitable Star Trust Scholarship information and application HERE.

All CCMI staff, interns, and volunteers who work with minors have been trained and certified through the Cayman Islands Government – Child Protection Unit Training, Second Step: Child Safeguarding Programme and/or Darkness to Light – Child Safeguard Training.

This programme outlines the responsibilities of the Cayman Islands Government and public officials to protect and safeguard children and young people. A Safe Environment Policy helps prevent situations in which children are at an increased risk for abuse because of the physical characteristics of a building. A safe environment is one that increases visibility, ensures adequate supervision and controls access. The Ministry of Education is committed to working with the Department of Education Services (DES) and schools or education institutions to develop welcoming, supportive and inclusive learning environments that promote the well-being of all students and staff. The Ministry of Education wishes to promote a ‘spirit’ of child protection and establish the baseline expectation of supervision of students. The Safe Environment Policy dictates what the responsibilities of staff are in protecting and perpetuating a safe environment for students.

All CCMI staff, interns, and volunteers who work with minors have also been trained and certified in First-Aid, CPR & AED delivery, and water-related emergency management.

For further information on CCMI education staff, interns, or volunteer training please contact our education team: