Past Projects

Reef Lectures

CCMI is pleased to offer a variety of Reef Lecture events, where our scientists and collaborators share the ongoing research done at our research station or in partnership with CCMI. Click on the title to view one of our past Reef Lectures.

20 Year Surveys of Cayman Reefs; Dr Claire Dell

Dr Claire Dell presents on the Cayman Islands Reef Survey Report from 1999 – 2018. In July 2018, a team of six science divers and one boat captain from the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) concluded surveys of 25 reefs across the three Cayman Islands (eight reefs in each of the Sister Islands and nine on Grand Cayman), the same reefs which CCMI had originally surveyed in 1999. The scientists used the same Atlantic & Gulf Rapid Reef Assessment (AGRRA) protocol as was used in the original 1999 survey, in order to have an accurate assessment of the change in reef health during this time. What did the scientists find in the most recent survey? How does that compare with what they found 20 years ago? Learn about the results of the survey – and what this means for the future of our coral reefs. Presented 28 February 2019

Coral Reef Resillience and Refugia; Dr Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley

This presentation focused on current threats to coral reef systems and mechanisms to overcome them through changes to reproductive patterns, epigenetics, dispersal, morphology, and physiology, with specific attention to the potential for mesophotic reefs (deep below SCUBA depth limits) to serve as a refuge for future coral survival. Dr Goodbody-Gringley presented her current work on the deep reefs of Bermuda and attendees will see a part of the ecosystem that is unreachable using recreational diving.

Dr. Goodbody-Gringley is a Research Scientist at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science. Presented 25 April 2019

Coral Health: from microbes to branches; Dr. Anya Brown

Healthy corals are critical for sustaining reefs. Corals are in a tightly coupled relationship between bacteria (like in your gut!), microscopic algae, and the coral animal itself. This seminar, presented by collaborative scientist Dr. Anya Brown, focused on trade-offs between types of coral growth, a coral disease outbreak, and what clues the microbes on corals tell us about their health.

Dr. Anya Brown is currently in the Ewel Postdoctoral Fellowship Program in Ecology and Environmental Science at the University of Florida. Presented 21 January 2020