The Bill Wyman Coral Reef Project


Bill Wyman is inspired by the work CCMI is doing, and we hope you will be too.

At CCMI, we undertake cutting-edge, impactful research and transform this research into conservation and education initiatives. We’re unlocking the secrets to coral reef resiliency, to protect coral reefs for the future.

Coral Reef Research

The research which is taking place in CCMI’s newly-established Reef Ecology and Evolution Laboratory (REEL) will advance our understanding of how coral reefs and all of the organisms that reside there will not only survive, but thrive, under future environmental conditions. 

Upcoming projects include:

1. Understanding how corals adapt on molecular and physiological levels to extreme environments, and

2. Enhancing reef complexity using outplanting techniques to restore key ecosystem functions.

Vision 2025

To continue the work which we currently do in research, conservation, education and outreach, we need sustainable, multi-year support. CCMI, as an institution, has a clear 5-year goal, as outlined in our Vision 2025 Campaign. Our strategic goals outline a trajectory for focused, solutions-based research, greater regional and global impact, and expanded/improved facilities to enable all of this.

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