Reef Relief Squad

Cayman Islands Marathon

Cayman Islands Marathon


Do you want to help CCMI protect and restore coral reefs? Are you interested in raising awareness about the issues that threaten coral reefs and their survival? We want YOU to join the CCMI Reef Relief Squad and participate in one of the Cayman Islands’ most popular event – the Cayman Islands Marathon, Half Marathon and Team Relay! **Please note, there is also a virtual event option for those who are not able to be on island for the race.

You can run or walk your preferred distance as the course is open 6 1/2 hours, making this event ideal for runners and walkers of all speeds!

How to Participate

  1. Contact CCMI at to express your interest and receive a special 10% off code for your registration.
  2. Register for your half or full marathon or the team relay at the Walkers Cayman Islands Marathon website.
  3. Choose ‘CCMI’ as the charity you wish to support.
  4. You will receive your race registration confirmation email with a link to set up your fundraising page. (View our guide on setting up YOUR fundraising page.)

Don’t forget! You can also select the VIRTUAL OPTION and run the half or full marathon distance from wherever you are in the world!

Support our Reef Relief Squad and make a donation toward their goal. It’s really easy – just visit the CCMI fundraising page for the Intertrust Cayman Islands Marathon and donate any amount. Click here to donate to this worthy effort.

* Please note, CCMI is a US 501(c)(3) and any donations are tax-deductible as is applicable by law.

In 2021, you have two options!

  1. You can choose to register for the virtual race option of the Cayman Islands Marathon, choosing whether you run the half or full marathon distance. Let us know if you plan to do this by emailing us at – we’ll send you a discount code and help you get started with your fundraising efforts!
  2. Select your own race (5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, ultra, your choice…), set up your fundraising page on CCMI’s Healthy Reefs Campaign page (click here)
    1. Click “become a fundraiser” and chose either to fundraise as an individual or as a team (if you are planning to fundraise with a friend or a group).
    2. Choose your fundraising goal, set a catchy headliner, create a personal URL, and add a photo for you or your team.
    3. Register for your race of choice and tell us about it! Email with the race name, date, location and distance.
    4. You will receive a welcome pack shortly which provides you with the next steps for your journey, fundraising ideas and other tools to help you with your efforts!

Fundraising Incentives

We want to reward you for helping raise money for our critical work to protect and restore coral reefs in the Cayman Islands. If you raise the following minimum amounts, you will be able to collect some great Reef Relief and CCMI swag at the race expo on 4th December!

  • $250: CCMI tech shirt
  • $1000: CCMI tech shirt and CCMI will PAY YOUR REGISTRATION (up to US $75 for one person or US $300 for a relay team; relay teams must raise a total of $4000 between the four members for CCMI to reimburse your registration fee)
  • Top Fundraiser (over $2500): 2-night stay at CCMI in Little Cayman (airfare not included)

CCMI will have a table at packet pick up where you can check in with our team and collect your rewards for being a part of our 2022 Reef Relief Squad.

Important Dates

3rd December 2022: Packet pick up and final (late) registration (9-3pm at the Westin)

4th December 2022: Race day! The race starts at 5am on the waterfront in George Town.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a member of the Reef Relief Squad, you will train for and run or walk in the Walkers Cayman Islands Marathon/Half Marathon/Team Relay. Leading up to the event, you will have the option to participate in beach clean-ups to collect trash to carry with you on your run/walk in order to raise awareness of the plastic pollution crisis. You will be included in a members only Facebook group where you can connect with other runners as well as staff at CCMI. You will have your own fundraising page that you can share with friends, family, and acquaintances to support your cause and raise money for CCMI’s healthy reefs campaign.

We will share links and tips during the months leading up to the race on our Reef Relief Squad FaceBook group; however, there will not be a specific CCMI training plan provided.

All participants pay their own entry fee to register; contact to receive a code that will take 10% off registration fees for running with CCMI in the Walkers Cayman Islands Marathon. However, if you raise at least $1000 on your fundraising page, CCMI will cover your entry fee up to US $75 (you will receive a refund from the marathon for your entry fee you previously paid). CCMI will pay for up to US $300 for a 4-person relay team if all members raise $1000 ea or a total of $4000 for the team.

There is no minimum amount that participants need to raise for CCMI; however, participants need to raise a minimum of $250 before receiving the first incentive from CCMI.

All proceeds will go to support efforts such as CCMI’s Healthy Reefs campaign, which is a series of important field survey, education, and outreach activities that promote our understanding of the state of coral reefs in the Cayman Islands, as well as other efforts such as coral restoration and education programmes at the Little Cayman Research Centre.

Your URL is generated for you upon setting up your fundraising page. Copy and save it so that you can send it out to potential supporters, post it on social media, include it in your email signature and share it when you need to!

Yes, CCMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US (ID# 22-3609293) and all donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.

CCMI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductible. Tax letters will be sent out when a donation of $25 or more is made through Race Roster. If you or one of your donors do not receive a tax letter, please contact

If you want to join the cause but will not be in the Cayman Islands, you can still participate!

  1. Register for the Virtual option of the Cayman Islands Marathon. You get the swag from the race PLUS you’ll get Reef Relief Squad swag when you meet your fundraising targets! Email to let us know you plan to participate, and we’ll send you the discount code to receive 10% off your registration.
  2. Donate to one of our runners by visiting this site and support their efforts with a monetary contribution on 8th December.
  3. You can also choose your own local race to run in and set up a fundraising page through our healthy reefs campaign (click here).

You can collect your Reef Relief Squad tech shirt and any other incentive items earned by your fundraising efforts at the race expo on 3rd December 2022, from 9am-3pm (Westin). CCMI will have a table there to meet our supporters, thank you for your efforts and distribute your shirts and other items you have earned.