Join us for this season of Reefs Go Live!

April 13, 2022

CCMI: The Central Caribbean Marine Institute Launches Season 4 of Reefs Go Live
Live-streaming to students directly from under the ocean

In 2018, the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) launched Reefs Go Live, their flagship education programme that reaches 28 countries and live streams directly from the ocean to students in classrooms in real time. In March 2022, the CCMI team launched Reefs Go Live Season 4, complete with new teaching materials and an improved digital support platform to enable more participant interactivity during the broadcast.

Reefs Go Live provides an opportunity for students from all over the world to engage with the stunning ocean environment in its most natural format. As coral reefs around the world face unprecedented pressure, generating increased engagement with these precious ecosystems creates an opportunity to promote marine sustainability in a positive and fun way.

Reefs Go Live utilises underwater streaming technology to enable real time broadcasting from Little Cayman’s stunning coral reefs. Little Cayman hosts one of the healthiest reef ecosystems in the Caribbean region, which remains resilient to climate change impacts. The team of scientists and educators at CCMI combine up to date and relevant research results linked to the local reef systems in Little Cayman with ocean literacy and education curriculum principles.

Director of Advancement at CCMI, Kate Holden, impresses why programmes such as Reefs Go live are so important:

“Creating a connection to the ocean is extremely valuable in increasing support for improved marine protection and sustainability, and Reefs Go Live is a fantastic programme that helps make this connection, offering a relevant and unique experience for students of all ages. Little Cayman, the remote tropical island where CCMI‘s marine research facility is based, offers genuine insight into how corals can thrive today. The reef Is stunning here! We are so lucky to interact with this beautiful ecosystem every day, and to be able to share what we see, is just incredible. The Reefs Go Live platform provides the opportunity for students and citizen scientists to ask us questions in real time, and it is also a wonderful way to engage students with the precious ocean biosphere.”

Reefs Go Live is a free education programme and the next episode will be broadcast on April 14th 2022 at 10am (UTC-6). To register for the broadcasts and teaching resources, please visit our programme page