Great Heights for a Great Cause

July 1, 2017

Did you know that CCMI has two coral nurseries just outside of our research station?

Here, researchers work to continually improve nursery-rearing techniques to produce healthy, resilient staghorn and elkhorn coral. These coral species are essential to building a reef framework. Coral fragments from the nursery are outplanted on the reefs around Little Cayman in an effort to help sustain our unique reef habitat. Students from this summer’s Rutgers University programme and citizen scientists

from Dive with Heroes have provided valuable help in cleaning, maintaining, and expanding the nurseries so that our research and conservation programmes can continue to grow. The nurseries are generously supported by grants from the Consolidated Water Company, the Disney Conservation Fund, and the Dart Foundation, among other private donors. The Consolidated Water Company has recently renewed their support of CCMI’s coral nurseries with a two year grant which will be essential to our continued success