Reef Vegetarians Talk

April 10, 2018

On April 19, CCMI’s Dr. Claire Dell will speak to the vital role that key herbivorous fish species play on the reef. In 2017, CCMI, in partnership with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment and the Smithsonian Institute, was awarded a three-year Darwin Initiative grant to help determine which herbivorous fish are most essential to the health of our coral reefs. Dr. Dell will share her work during this talk, speaking to how important parrotfish are to coral reefs, how the information learned can impact the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean region, and how individual choices can impact our reef herbivores – and the overall health of our coral reefs. Interested parties are invited to attend in-person at the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands and should register HERE.

This lecture is the second in CCMI’s 2018 Reef Lecture Series on Grand Cayman as part of the International Year of the Reef.