Reefs Go Live – Free modules, open-access for everyone

March 24, 2020

Beginning on 27th March 2020 at 9:30am, CCMI will be releasing a weekly live education session each Friday as part of our Reefs Go Live programme.

Starting with ‘How Do Scientists Grow Coral’, the module will include a 5-10-minute video and a 30-minute live question and answer session from CCMI’s Education Coordinator, Maisy Fuller, and Marine Operations Coordinator, Giacomo Santoro. Supporting learning resources and activities for students can also be found online at for extra projects!

The first of three modules, ‘How do Scientists Grow Coral?’ will include footage of researchers diving on the reefs in Bloody Bay Marine Park, where students will ‘virtually’ visit Little Cayman’s coral nurseries.  Students will be introduced to CCMI’s coral reef research programme and learn what it is like to be a scientist.
In the first module, students will get a brief history about why growing coral is much like gardening, what corals are, why corals are endangered, why it’s necessary to grow corals in nurseries, and learn some basic scientific restoration methods.

Over the next three weeks, students will also learn how they can get involved in science. Topics such as endangered species, predators, coral bleaching, and climate change will be included.

Programme information will be shared via our website page:

The direct link for the first lesson is:

The first lesson plan, with glossary, vocabulary worksheet, and two student activity sheets can be found HERE.

Reefs Go Live is CCMI’s innovative live-streaming education programme that connects students to the ocean via live broadcasts with our researchers and educators from under the ocean. All broadcasts can be found online along with a host of teaching and student activities.

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