Special Reveal to take place at Festival of Seas: Coral Carnival

October 18, 2019

CCMI and Swanky International team up to create an ocean-inspired costume for CayMAS 2020 that will benefit coral reefs

George Town, Cayman Islands; 17 October 2019 – The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is pleased to announce a special partnership with Swanky International – the creation of an ‘ocean inspired’ costume for CayMAS Carnival 2020. The costume will be revealed at CCMI’s Festival of Seas gala in a special presentation to the gala attendees. This first glimpse of this costume will be a treat for everyone involved and get people excited about next year’s CayMAS activities.

A natural fit for Swanky’s 2020 theme of ‘Oceans: merging to darkest blue’, the costumes will bring attention to and raise awareness about ocean and coral reef conservation. Those who want to jump into the action should consider purchasing this special costume, knowing that their choice will help support research on coral reef resiliency and coral restoration efforts in the Cayman Islands, as a percentage of the proceeds will benefit CCMI.

Swanky’s Band Leader Craig Frederick said, “For our 2020 carnival presentation, we wanted to explore the beauty and wonders of the ocean and decided upon the theme; Oceans: merging to darkest blue. This provided the perfect opportunity to partner with CCMI. Swanky International acknowledges the importance of what CCMI does in terms of conservation and awareness, and we are excited to use our platform and do our part by contributing to CCMI’s vision.”

This special ocean-inspired costume section of the Swanky International band will be important ambassadors for coral reefs and conservation efforts in the Cayman Islands. Both front- and back-line options are available, as are men’s and women’s costumes, and this section will be 40 members strong.

In addition, Swanky International will offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the Queen of the CayMAS Carnival, with the Queen Costume that will be auctioned off at Festival of Seas in the live auction, with proceeds benefiting CCMI. Queens are the star of any carnival experience, and CCMI is thrilled that the focus of Oceans: merging to darkest blue will be on the Queen, a symbol of Cayman’s beautiful coral reefs.

While there can only be one Queen, everyone else is invited to register to be part of the special ocean-inspired costume section. Costumes will be available for purchase through Swanky International starting in January. Proceeds from the sales of these costumes will benefit CCMI’s Healthy Reefs efforts and continue the coral carnival well into 2020.

Festival of Seas: Coral Carnival will take place Saturday, 16th November, from 6-11pm at Grand Old House. Tickets are CI $225 each and can be purchased by emailing info@reefresearch.org. For more information about the Festival of Seas Gala: Coral Carnival and the critical work CCMI does to research and restore coral reefs, visit www.reefresearch.org.

For more information about Swanky International visit www.swanky.ky. To order your CCMI Charity ocean inspired costume for CayMAS Carnival 2020, keep an eye on Swanky’s social media for registration announcements.