Healthy Reefs Artwork Exhibit 2023

Healthy Reefs Artwork Exhibit 2023

Once again, Ms. McDougall’s BTEC art class at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) were tasked with designing a poster in support of CCMI’s Healthy Reefs awareness campaign. This project was an assignment to students as a way to develop artistic techniques while also working with a client, allowing students to develop transferrable life skills in support of their career path in art.

During the first term of the 2022-23 school year, students practiced their techniques, spoke with CCMI staff, researched coral reefs, incorporated feedback from the client, and worked toward a final Healthy Reefs poster that was submitted as part of their portfolio for the course.

Visit this virtual art gallery of the posters designed by these talented students of Ms. McDougall’s class. We hope you enjoy seeing their creativity and skills at work in support of healthy coral reefs!

If you have enjoyed ‘visiting’ this virtual exhibition, please consider making a donation to CCMI, which will help us continue our important research and education efforts we have continually built upon for 25 years.