World Ocean Day 2022 Reefs Go Live: Restoring Healthy Reefs for the Future

June 8, 2022

Join CCMI for this virtual dive from underwater on the coral reefs of Little Cayman, a roughly 10 square mile island in the Caribbean that is a Mission Blue Hope Spot, as we learn how we can restore healthy reefs for the future!
Our virtual ‘dive buddies’ help us explore this ecosystem, and we’ll appreciate the beauty and diversity of coral reefs. Together, we’ll discuss why reefs are so important to the Cayman Islands, learn why climate change is an urgent threat to long term survival of coral reefs, and discuss how we can do our part to restore healthy reefs for the future. CCMI’s educators and researchers will help everyone leave the event with specific actions we can all take to ensure future generations will be able to enjoy these magnificent corals reefs, too.