World Oceans Day on 9 June

May 20, 2018

We will celebrate World Oceans Day by participating in the international March for the Ocean. We will be marching in Camana Bay on Saturday, 9 June at 1 pm. This march is to raise awareness of the need for action on a personal and global scale to reduce our impact on coral reefs. Join us in this march to make a statement that it’s not too late, but we must act now to restore and protect what we love. REGISTER

If you’re not on Grand Cayman, you can still participate in the March for the Ocean, as there are events taking place around the world. Click HERE to learn more.

Following the march, CCMI invites you to join us for a live broadcast on the topic “Can We Save Coral Reefs?”. We will broadcast live from the coral reefs of Little Cayman to the Camana Bay Cinema at 1:45 pm. REGISTER

This virtual dive is the third event in CCMI’s 2018 Reef Lecture Series on Grand Cayman, and the whole day’s activities will be part of our celebration of the International Year of the Reef.