At the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) we are creating a hopeful future for coral reefs, vibrant ecosystems that have been the heart of healthy oceans for more than 200 million years. CCMI is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1998 to protect the future of coral reefs through research, conservation, and education.

In 2005 we opened our field station, the Little Cayman Research Centre (LCRC). The reefs around Little Cayman truly are treasures of the sea and they offer insight for coral reefs globally. They are among the most biologically diverse reef systems in the Caribbean, located in one of the few locations in the world showing coral reef regeneration on a positive trajectory. The island, therefore, offers rich prospects for research to address global issues such as climate change and ocean acidification, marine protection, threatened and endangered species, and coral reef resilience.

Thanks to this vibrant home base, resident and visiting research teams have discovered new species and habitats, published over 100 scientific papers, hosted hundreds of visiting scientists and educated thousands of students and visitors about ways to support the health of coral reefs and vitality of our oceans.