The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI)'s project themes underpin the common goal of providing activities to bridge the gap between science and society, linking research, education and action. The focus on RESILIENCE seeks to unlock the secrets to reef recovery. By providing critical answers to the natural processes that drive reef recovery in the wake of global change, ocean acidification and anthropogenic stressors, we hope to improve the future for coral reefs worldwide. Our mission also seeks to reinforce the balance of healthy coral reefs, by furthering our understanding of BIODIVERSITY. CCMI’s work in discovering new species and developing methods of coral restoration to ensure the natural ecosystem balance is protected, is key to the development of coral reef conservation techniques. Involving Children and Communities in Conserving Coral Reefs is at the heart of CCMI’s work, linking SCIENCE & SOCIETY. We actively engage communities and introduce children (the next generation) to coral reef conservation and sustainability efforts.

CCMI was founded in 1998 and in 2006 we developed the Little Cayman Research Centre (LCRC). Our aim was to provide oceanographic facilities that support key research into coral reef stress and to conduct research at a remote site, largely unaffected by local human and development impacts. Little Cayman, the home of LCRC, harbours some of the most biologically diverse reef systems on earth. The island therefore affords rich opportunities for research to address global issues such as climate change, marine protection, fisheries management and coral reef stress.