New Position Posting: Reefs Go Live Technical Assistant

December 11, 2018

During 2018, CCMI’s education team developed a pilot project that transformed how we teach children about the ocean. The ‘Reefs Go Live’ programme uses the Virtual Live Experiences (VLEs) method in connecting students and the public to real-time coral reef activity. Scientists use high tech face masks and streaming equipment to deliver lessons live from the underwater world. Innovative technology enables VLEs to reduce barriers to learning by communicating interactive ‘real-life’ experiences in an informal, scalable science setting.

The RGL Tech’s purpose is to develop and direct the underwater videography and sound component of an RGL programme and to live stream it into classrooms on a national and international scale.

Data from this survey highlights the critical need to protect coral and to innovate solutions to save reefs for the future. Scientists, managers and all stakeholders must do what they can to reduce human impacts on reefs and the adjacent coastal areas. Protecting what is left and reversing this decline must be our highest priorities if we are to safeguard our oceans for the future.

More position information and application details available HERE.